The people at Kinetic Balance are as diverse as our customers. What connects us is our drive to connect with others and to go out there. People and their stories inspire us.

With our products, we want to make a positive difference and inspire our customers to do the same. It is our ambition to be the leading brand in clothing designed for a seated posture.

All individuals who want to leave a lasting impact, make a positive difference and inspire others along the way are invited to join us on this journey. Let’s create the next 30 years of history.

Our core value is performance, we are design driven. We design clothing for seated people, we excel in comfort, fit, performance and looks. Our ambition is to change the world of clothing for seated people.

The Kinetic Balance brand mark is named after the ‘Crowned Eagle’ (Stephanoaetus coronatus), the most powerful Eagle on our planet. Intelligent, independent and with a variable temperament. It’s restless, even though it’s strategies require patience and long periods of waiting.

People Stare make It Worth It



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