Jack Kavanagh

My name is Jack Kavanagh. I am an optimistic realist and passionate about the magic each one of us holds within us. I recognise the realities of the challenges of life but I strive to challenge my own perceived limitations and in doing so challenge others to do the same. Following a spinal cord injury aged 20 which left me with 15% muscle function I chose not to allow this to hinder me but to leverage it as an opportunity for growth, learning and development. Publicly I have gained notoriety through my documentary, diverse speaking engagements, perspectives on mindset, resilience, personal leadership, the art of possibility and ultimately redefining what we as individuals are capable of despite the challenges we may face. I was included in a list of “50 Incredible People Who Are Shaping Modern Ireland” as someone who is inspirational citing an award winning documentary Breaking Boundaries that he and friends made based on a road trip around America. In 2016 Jack gave the acclaimed Tedx Talk, Fearless like a child, overcoming adversity. My passions are exploring the world in different ways and I am a massive advocate for rekindling honest conversation in a world of tech disruption.

  • Inspirational Speaker and Health Professional
  • TEDx 2012 ‘Fearless Like A Child’
  • Breaking Boundaries Documentary 2014
  • BSc Pharmacy – Trinity College Dublin 2017
  • Masters of Pharmacy – Royal College of Surgeons 2018

Jack’s favorites

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