Reda Haouam

Started out with an ambition to become a competitive swimmer, Reda was always determined to get the best out of life and to reach for the stars.

After getting injured in a diving accident in the summer of 2003, Reda went through a rough rehabilitation process. However, his determination took the upper hand and his love for wheelchair rugby blossomed.

As captain for the Amsterdam Terminators and the Dutch national wheelchair rugby team he has won 6 national titles and participated in 6 European Championships, winning the 2013, 2017 and 2018 division titles.

In daily life, Reda works at his former rehabilitation center as a peer counselor, showing recently injured patients all of the possibilities of a life on wheels. He also has given lectures and wheelchair rugby workshops to companies and students to raise awareness for the “greatest sport you’ve never heard of”.

Reda is always busy and always on the move!

Favorite products

Kangaroo pullover


Slim Fit Jeans


QT Winter Jacket


Backrest Bag Short




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