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Our Jeans are made for sitting. It is their main purpose. Our jeans excel in comfort, fit, performance & looks. ‘Seated’ Jeans as they should be.


1. Our Jeans are made with double stretch denim. Stretch in the length reduces friction on the skin. Length stretch also makes it easy to adjust the length of the jeans. Just pull them down to the needed length.
2. The oval shape of the waist give the jeans a much bigger entrance to get them on.
3. The fly is positioned as low as possible. Opening the jeans creates more space if you need to perform actions in the crotch area.
4. The legs have an extreme ‘Fork’ fit, our cut is made for users with the knees together. Jeans made to ride a chair, not a horse.
5. Our jeans pockets can be reached and used from a seated position.
6. More length on the backside of the ankle cuff ensure our jeans cover the ankles properly.
7. The backside of our jeans is kept as flat as workable. With our focus on a slick backside it’s obvious that our jeans have no back pockets….
8. Besides the regular ‘button fly’, our jeans are available with a magnetic & hook and loop closure. Quite handy. The loop is of a soft feeling velour that opens & closes softly without noise or hassle.

What’s not in our jeans are multiple (side)zippers, elastic webbings or bungee ropes. They would only make up for an inadequate fit.


This special produced fabric has the unique specification to stretch in length and width.
The length stretch makes the jeans comfortable for a seated posture.
It reduces friction on the skin and ensures a better fit.

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 4 cm



The Ostrich Shape. Slim. A regular waist that quickly transfers to a narrow leg width. It’s a ‘No-brainer’.


Garupa Double Stretch: This is an 11,5 oz super black denim fabric with 3% Lycra. It has a dark grey base with an easy worn finish.


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